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PUPPET MASTERS Robert A. Heinlein PBO 1951 Galaxy Digest

PUPPET MASTERS Robert A. Heinlein PBO 1951 Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine

PUPPET MASTERS Robert A. Heinlein PBO Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine 1951 September, October, November.

Part’s 1,2,3 of Heinlen’s “Puppet Masters”. 1st Appearance.

Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

Buyer will receive the 3 books shown in the pictures.

Good condition. The previous owner graded the stories, lightly in pencil, on the contents page of each issue, see pictures. One date stamp to the back cover of the October issue. Otherwise the books are clean with no other writing or stains. Edge chipping and spine wear. Typical page tanning. Please review the pictures.

The Puppet Masters (1951) is a science fiction novel about American secret agents dealing with parasitic invaders from space. The novel was originally published in three serialized issues of Galaxy Science Fiction in September, October and November 1951. The book evokes paranoia, and Heinlein often draws comparisons between the parasites and the communist Russians, which is reminiscent of the Second Red Scare of the 1930s. The author George A. Stubbins described two particularly disturbing scenes from The Puppet Masters: the one in which the President’s private Security Service holds the entire House of Congress at gunpoint and begins searching for traitors, and the one where armed vigilantes patrol the streets, searching for traitors and shooting anyone they think of as such with impunity. Both of these scenes make sense within the science fiction setting of the book, and both of them are extremely disturbing if applied to contemporary American life.

The novel delves into the prevalent topic during that period regarding observations of unidentified flying objects, portraying a scenario where the objects witnessed in the 1950s were perceived as an initial exploration of Earth by extraterrestrial beings, setting the stage for a complete invasion six decades later.

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