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“1965 Vintage Paperback “13 Above The Night” First Print”

13 ABOVE THE NIGHT 1965 Dell 1st Print Frank Herbert Kornbluth Vintage Horror
13 ABOVE THE NIGHT 1965 Dell 1st Print

First print 1965. Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

Good condition. Square, tight book, possibly unread, maybe lightly browsed. Small water stain to top edge, see pictures. Otherwise no writing or staining. Nice book, excellent reader.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Discover a World of Intriguing Stories in “13 Above the Night” – Groff Conklin

Step into a universe where imagination knows no bounds, where the stars whisper secrets, and where extraordinary tales unfold. Have you ever yearned for a journey beyond the ordinary, where the line between reality and fiction blurs effortlessly? “13 Above the Night” invites you to delve into a realm where science fiction transcends the limits of the imaginable and propels you into uncharted galaxies.

As you navigate through this anthology, prepare to encounter a symphony of captivating narratives orchestrated by masterful storytellers. From the realms of Isaac Asimov to the visions of Frank Herbert, each story promises to ignite your curiosity and stir emotions you never knew existed.

Embark on this odyssey through the cosmos as we unravel the mysteries, dissect the themes, and explore the intricate web of tales that await within the pages of “13 Above the Night.” Experience a mesmerizing blend of thought-provoking concepts, exhilarating adventures, and mind-bending enigmas that will leave you spellbound.

Girl standing in a star filled sky

Groff Conklin (Editor)

Groff Conklin, a prominent figure in science fiction literature, made significant contributions as an editor in the genre. His expertise and discerning eye for exceptional storytelling have left an indelible mark on the world of science fiction. As the editor of “13 Above the Night,” Conklin demonstrates his ability to curate a collection of imaginative and thought-provoking tales that have captivated readers for generations.

Conklin’s literary career was characterized by his passion for science fiction. He played a pivotal role in shaping the genre by introducing readers to groundbreaking stories and emerging authors. Throughout his illustrious career, Conklin worked with esteemed publishers, including Dell Paperback. His collaborations brought forth iconic science fiction anthologies that became highly sought-after by avid readers and enthusiasts alike.

“13 Above the Night” stands as a testament to Conklin’s discerning taste and his ability to select stories that push the boundaries of imagination. This anthology showcases a diverse range of science fiction narratives that span multiple themes and concepts. Authors such as Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, C.M. Kornbluth, and Stephen Barr grace the pages of this extraordinary collection, enriching it with their exceptional storytelling.

In the pages of “13 Above the Night,” readers will discover a captivating blend of traditional science fiction fare and uniquely enthralling tales. Conklin’s careful curation ensures that this anthology offers a broad mix of stories, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every science fiction enthusiast’s taste.

As readers delve into the pages of “13 Above the Night,” they will experience the sheer brilliance of Groff Conklin’s editorial prowess, embarking on a literary journey that will transport them to unexplored realms of imagination.

13 Above the Night Groff Conklin Dell Paperback 1965

“13 Above the Night” edited by Groff Conklin is a captivating anthology of science fiction stories that will transport readers to unexplored realms of imagination. Published as a Dell Paperback in 1969, this collection showcases a diverse range of thought-provoking and enthralling tales from acclaimed authors.

In this anthology, readers can expect to encounter the visionary works of esteemed writers such as Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, C.M. Kornbluth, Stephen Barr, and many others. This compilation offers a broad mix of traditional science fiction fare, showcasing the creativity, innovation, and literary prowess of the featured authors.

Within the pages of “13 Above the Night,” readers will be taken on thrilling adventures, exploring mind-bending concepts and contemplating the intricacies of scientific subjects such as quantum theory. From the back of their heads to the far reaches of the galaxies, each story presents a unique and compelling narrative that is sure to captivate and engage.

Whether you are a fan of classic science fiction or a newcomer to the genre, this anthology is a must-read. Groff Conklin, a leading science fiction anthologist and founding father of the genre, has curated a collection that offers both entertainment and intellectual stimulation. So dive into the pages of “13 Above the Night” and discover a world of intriguing stories that will leave you craving for more.

Get your copy of “13 Above the Night” today and embark on a journey through the galaxies that will ignite your imagination and expand your horizons.

Ghoulish Character

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If you’re a fan of captivating science fiction stories that push the boundaries of imagination, you won’t want to miss “13 Above the Night.” This anthology, edited by the renowned Groff Conklin, brings together a mesmerizing collection of science fiction tales that will transport you to unexplored realms of thought-provoking storytelling.

Featuring contributions from acclaimed authors such as Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert, “13 Above the Night” offers a diverse range of narratives that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last. From thrilling adventures to mind-bending concepts, each story in this anthology takes you on a unique journey through the galaxies.

Whether you’re a seasoned scientist or a curious reader looking to explore the wonders of science fiction, “13 Above the Night” is sure to satisfy your craving for thought-provoking storytelling. So, don’t miss out on this little gem of a book that showcases the extraordinary imagination of some of the genre’s most talented authors.

Share the excitement of “13 Above the Night” with your fellow science fiction enthusiasts and embark on a journey through the galaxies together. With its captivating blend of stories and the genius of Groff Conklin as the editor, this anthology promises an enthralling reading experience that will leave you wanting more.

Remember, good stories are meant to be shared, so grab your copy of “13 Above the Night” and prepare to be transported to worlds beyond your wildest imagination.


“13 Above the Night,” curated by Groff Conklin, is a captivating anthology of science fiction stories that will transport readers to unexplored realms of imagination. This collection showcases a diverse range of tales from acclaimed authors such as Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, C.M. Kornbluth, Stephen Barr, and many others.

Within the pages of “13 Above the Night,” readers will embark on thrilling journeys through time and space, encountering mind-bending concepts, remarkable characters, and thought-provoking situations. Each story delves into the vast expanse of scientific subject matters, exploring quantum theory, advanced technologies, and the mysteries of the universe.

From the gripping “Button, Button” by Isaac Asimov to the hauntingly dark “The Immortal Organism” by Frank Herbert, this anthology captivates with its broad mix of traditional science fiction fare. Groff Conklin, a leading science fiction anthologist, carefully curated these stories to ensure a remarkable reading experience.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of science fiction or a newcomer to the genre, “13 Above the Night” offers a little gem of a book that will leave you enthralled and wanting more. With its unique selection of stories, this anthology is sure to ignite your imagination and keep you eagerly turning the pages.

Step into the worlds created by the masters of science fiction as they explore the depths of human nature, challenge societal norms, and contemplate the mysteries of the cosmos. “13 Above the Night” is a must-read for anyone seeking riveting narratives that push the boundaries of imagination.

Notable Authors Featured in “13 Above the Night”:

– Isaac Asimov

– Frank Herbert

– C.M. Kornbluth

– Stephen Barr

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– Immerse yourself in an epic tale set on the Red Planet, exploring themes of colonization, political upheaval, and human resilience.

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– Dive into a collection of captivating science fiction stories carefully chosen to ignite your imagination and push the boundaries of the genre.

When it comes to shipping, we ensure your book arrives with care and in top-notch condition. Our terms of sale provide a transparent and hassle-free purchasing experience. Shipping terms are determined based on your location and can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Expand your science fiction library with these captivating reads that offer a wide range of themes and storytelling styles. From dark and thought-provoking tales to thrilling adventures in uncharted territories, these books are sure to keep you engrossed in the world of science fiction.

Horror House

Raven S.A. Swiniarski Daw Paperback 1996

In the science fiction anthology “13 Above the Night,” edited by Groff Conklin, readers are treated to a captivating collection of stories that push the boundaries of imagination. While this remarkable book features contributions from renowned authors like Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert, it also includes lesser-known gems that are equally deserving of attention.

One such gem is “Raven” by S.A. Swiniarski, a story that takes readers on a thrilling journey into the unknown. Set in a dystopian future, “Raven” explores themes of survival, sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit. With its vivid world-building and well-developed characters, this story lingers in the reader’s mind long after the final page.

Daw Paperback 1996, the edition of “13 Above the Night” that features this remarkable tale, offers readers a convenient pocket-sized format, allowing them to easily carry the book wherever they go. The cover art is visually captivating, enticing readers to delve into the intriguing stories that lie within.

For science fiction enthusiasts seeking a diverse and thought-provoking reading experience, “13 Above the Night” is a must-read. This anthology, edited by the esteemed Groff Conklin, embodies the essence of the genre, showcasing stories that range from classic science fiction tropes to imaginative explorations of uncharted territories. “Raven” by S.A. Swiniarski is just one example of the many treasures awaiting readers within the pages of this extraordinary collection.

Blue Mars Kim Stanley Robinson Dell Hardcover 1996

“Blue Mars” by Kim Stanley Robinson, published in 1996, is a highly regarded science fiction novel that continues the epic Mars Trilogy. Set in the future, the story delves into the complex and intricate colonization and terraforming of Mars by humans. Robinson’s meticulous attention to scientific detail and his thought-provoking exploration of political, social, and environmental themes make “Blue Mars” a compelling read for science fiction enthusiasts.

The novel starts where its predecessor, “Green Mars,” left off and follows a diverse cast of characters as they navigate the challenges and consequences of transforming Mars into a habitable planet. With breathtaking prose and a deeply immersive world-building, Robinson paints a rich tapestry of Martian society and examines the complexities of human nature against a backdrop of interplanetary colonization.

Readers will find themselves engrossed in the intricate relationships and power dynamics between the characters, as well as Robinson’s insightful commentary on humanity’s impact on the environment. From political intrigue to personal struggles, “Blue Mars” combines thrilling storytelling with philosophical exploration, making it a standout addition to the science fiction genre.

With its vivid landscapes, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes, “Blue Mars” is a must-read for fans of hard science fiction and anyone interested in contemplating the future of our own planet and the possibility of human life on other worlds.

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– “Raven” by S.A. Swiniarski (Daw Paperback, 1996)

– “Boojum and Snark Books” (Anthology)

Boojum and Snark Books

Groff Conklin, renowned science fiction editor, curated an exceptional collection of speculative fiction in his anthology “13 Above the Night.” One standout section of the book is dedicated to the intriguing stories of “Boojum and Snark Books.”

Boojum by C.M. Kornbluth

“Boojum” takes readers on a thrilling journey through a dystopian future where Earth’s resources have been exhausted. Kornbluth’s gripping narrative explores the consequences of unchecked technological advancements, raising questions about humanity’s ability to control its own creations.

The Snark by Stephen Barr

In “The Snark,” Barr unleashes his imaginative prowess to craft a mind-bending tale set in a near-future Earth. This story dives into the mysteries of quantum theory and reality manipulation, inviting readers to contemplate the profound implications of scientific breakthroughs and their impact on our perception of the world.

Notable Authors and Themes

The collection showcases stories by acclaimed authors such as Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, and Eric Frank Russell. From space exploration to time travel to dystopian societies, “Boojum and Snark Books” offers readers a broad mix of traditional science fiction fare, each story exploring unique scientific subjects and captivating readers with its intellectual depth.

Step into the pages of “13 Above the Night” and delve into the intriguing tales of “Boojum and Snark Books.” This collection promises a captivating reading experience for science fiction enthusiasts and those curious about the possibilities of the future.


When it comes to receiving your copy of “13 Above the Night,” shipping is an essential consideration. The convenience of having this captivating anthology in your hands adds to the overall reading experience.

At the time of its publication in 1969, “13 Above the Night” was available in paperback format, specifically the Dell paperback edition. This compact and portable version allowed readers to carry this treasury of science fiction tales wherever they went. The pocket-sized design made it easy to slip into a bag or pocket, ensuring that you could delve into the extraordinary worlds within its pages at any time.

You may find a few copies of “13 Above the Night” in your local bookstores, particularly those specializing in science fiction literature. However, with the passage of time, locating this particular edition might require some effort. Online retailers and platforms like AbeBooks offer a convenient solution, with sellers offering this anthology for book enthusiasts around the world.

Considering the age of the book, it is advisable to check the condition of the copies available before making a purchase. Some may exhibit modest rubbing or signs of wear, which is understandable given their age. Nonetheless, the enduring allure of these stories makes the hunt for a well-preserved copy all the more worthwhile.

So, whether you discover “13 Above the Night” through a local bookstore or an online retailer, the shipping cost and availability may vary. However, the excitement of unwrapping this time-honored collection and embarking on a journey through the depths of science fiction remains constant.

Remember, in the world of science fiction, new galaxies await at every turn, and “13 Above the Night” promises an unforgettable odyssey for intrepid readers.

Terms of Sale:

When considering the purchase of “13 Above the Night,” it’s important to familiarize yourself with the terms of sale to ensure a smooth transaction. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Availability: Check the availability of “13 Above the Night” through various retailers and online platforms. It’s recommended to verify that the book is in stock before proceeding with your purchase.

2. Pricing: The price of the book may vary depending on the specific edition and condition. Compare prices from different sources to find the best deal while considering factors such as shipping costs, discounts, or promotions.

3. Condition: Assess the condition of the book before making a purchase. Some sellers provide detailed descriptions of any wear or damage, allowing you to make an informed decision. Look for terms like “new,” “used,” or “collectible” to get an idea of the book’s condition.

4. Shipping: Review the shipping policies of the seller, including shipping costs, estimated delivery times, and any additional fees. Take note of any limitations or restrictions regarding international shipping if applicable.

5. Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with the return policy offered by the seller in case you encounter any issues with your purchase. Understand the conditions for returns, such as the timeframe for initiating a return and any requirements for the book’s condition upon return.

6. Payment Options: Different sellers may offer various payment methods. Consider which option works best for you in terms of security, convenience, and availability.

Remember to carefully read and understand the terms of sale provided by the retailer or platform you choose when purchasing “13 Above the Night.” This will help ensure a satisfactory buying experience and allow you to embark on an exploration of captivating science fiction stories.

Shipping Terms:

When it comes to ordering books, understanding the shipping terms is crucial to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are some important points to keep in mind regarding the shipping terms of “13 Above the Night” and other related books:

Shipping Options:

– The book “13 Above the Night” edited by Groff Conklin is available in paperback format.

– It can be purchased through various online platforms, such as AbeBooks or Amazon.

Delivery Time:

– The delivery time may vary depending on your location and the shipping method chosen.

– Standard shipping usually takes around 5-10 business days, while expedited shipping may deliver the book within 2-3 business days.

Shipping Costs:

– The shipping cost for “13 Above the Night” and related books can differ based on the seller and your location.

– It’s recommended to check the specific shipping charges before placing an order.

Return and Refund Policy:

– Each online platform or bookstore may have its own return and refund policy.

– In case of any issues with the book or shipment, it’s advisable to reach out to the customer support of the platform or bookstore from which you made the purchase.

Remember, it’s essential to review the shipping terms provided by the specific seller or platform during the checkout process to ensure a satisfactory buying experience.

Shipping terms can vary, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the details provided by the seller or platform before finalizing your order. Happy reading and may your journey into the fascinating world of “13 Above the Night” be filled with imagination and wonder!

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MARS CHILD by Cyril Judd 1951 Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine PBO

MARS CHILD by Cyril Judd 1951 Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine PBO

MARS CHILD by Cyril Judd 1951 Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine PBO May June July

American authors Cyril M. Kornbluth and Judith Merril wrote the short science fiction book Outpost Mars, which was published under the pen name Cyril Judd. It began as a three-part serial in Galaxy Science Fiction in 1951 under the title “Mars Child” and was first released by Abelard Press, New York, as Outpost Mars in 1952. In The 1961 reprinting of it was called Sin in Space. 

Buyer will receive the 3 books shown in the pictures.

The good and the bad:

May 1951. Good+ condition. Previous owner graded the stories lightly in pencil on contents page. Typical page tanning. Nice colorful front cover. Slight ripple along the spine.

June 1951. Good+ condition. No grading on contents page. Slight edge chipping to the back cover. Slight ripple feel to spine.

July 1951. Acceptable condition. The condition is similar to the two other magazines but the front cover is 40% detached along spine.