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Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine December 1963 PHILIP K. DICK

Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine December 1963 PHILIP K. DICK – JACK VANCE

Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

Good condition. Square, clean book with no writing or staining. Slight fading to spine, see pictures.

Galaxy Science Fiction magazine December 1963

 Let’s explore the captivating contents of the December 1963 issue of Galaxy Magazine:

  1. Serial (First of Two Parts):
    • “The Star King” by Jack Vance.
  2. Complete Short Novel:
    • “No Great Magic” by Fritz Leiber.
  3. Novelette:
    • “In the Control Tower” by Will Mohler.
  4. Short Stories:
    • “The Big Pat Boom” by Damon Knight.
    • “If There Were No Benny Cemoli” by Philip K. Dick.
    • “And All the Earth a Grave” by C. C. MacApp.
  5. Science Department:
    • “For Your Information” by Willy Ley.
  6. Editor’s Page:
    • Frederik Pohl shares insights and thoughts.
  7. Features:
    • 1990 (verse) by Sheri S. Eberhart.
    • Galaxy’s Five Star Shelf: Reviews and recommendations by Theodore Sturgeon and Frederik Pohl.
  8. Forecast: A glimpse of what’s coming up in future issues.
  9. Cover Art: The cover features an illustration by EMSH from “The Star King”.

This issue of Galaxy Magazine promises a rich blend of speculative fiction, thought-provoking essays, and poetic musings. Dive into these imaginative tales and explore the wonders of the cosmos! 🚀✨.

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Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine December 1958 Cover by EMSH

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Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine December 1958 Algis Budrys, Isaac Asimov

EMSH cover

Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

Very Good condition.

Square, nice spine. Bright, colorful front cover. Clean, no writing or staining. Slight edge chipping, tiny edge tears, see close-up pictures. Page tanning. Overall a very nice collectible shipped bagged and boarded.

 The May 1958 issue of Imaginative Tales offers a captivating blend of speculative fiction, featuring stories that transport readers to otherworldly realms. Here’s a glimpse into the contents of this imaginative magazine:

  1. “The Eye and the Lightning” by Algis Budrys:
    • A novelette that promises intrigue and mystery.
    • Budrys weaves a tale where science and the unknown collide, leaving readers questioning reality.
  2. “Catching Up with Newton” by Isaac Asimov:
    • An essay from Asimov’s Essays: F&SF series.
    • Asimov, the prolific science fiction writer, delves into the life and legacy of the iconic physicist Sir Isaac Newton.
  3. “The Pink Caterpillar” by Anthony Boucher:
    • A short story that blends fantasy and whimsy.
    • Boucher’s narrative introduces readers to a peculiar caterpillar with unexpected powers.
  4. “Timequake” by Miriam Allen deFord:
    • A short story exploring temporal anomalies.
    • DeFord takes us on a journey where time itself becomes unruly and unpredictable.
  5. “Little Old Miss Macbeth” by Fritz Leiber:
    • A tale that combines humor and the supernatural.
    • Leiber’s quirky characters navigate a world where magic and mischief intersect.
  6. “Honeysuckle Cottage” by P. G. Wodehouse:
    • A delightful novelette featuring Mr. Mulliner.
    • Wodehouse’s signature wit shines as he transports readers to a charming English countryside cottage.
  7. “Wish Upon a Star” by Judith Merril:
    • A short story that invites readers to ponder wishes and their consequences.
    • Merril explores the complexities of desire against a cosmic backdrop.
  8. “Dream Girl” by Ron Goulart:
    • A whimsical short story set in the realm of dreams.
    • Goulart’s protagonist encounters a mysterious dream girl who defies reality.
  9. “Somebody’s Clothes – Somebody’s Life” by Cornell Woolrich:
    • A mysterious and evocative short story.
    • Woolrich weaves a web of intrigue around a seemingly ordinary garment.
  10. “Far from Home” by Walter Tevis:
    • A poignant short story that explores themes of distance and longing.
    • Tevis captures the ache of being far away from familiar places and faces.

Additionally, the issue includes recommended reading and reviews by Anthony Boucher, providing literary guidance for curious readers123.

So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in tales of wonder, grab a copy of this issue and let your imagination soar! 📚✨


  • Emshwiller’s illustrations graced the covers and interiors of numerous science fiction paperbacks and magazines. Notably, he contributed to publications like Galaxy Science Fiction and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.
  • His diverse techniques defied a typical style, making each Emsh cover a unique visual experience.
  • Ed Emshwiller left an enduring legacy, bridging the worlds of imagination and technology. His illustrations continue to inspire generations of science fiction enthusiasts, while his films remain a testament to his visionary creativity. 🎨🚀

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey through fantastical realms and scientific wonders, this issue awaits your exploration! 📚✨