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Porsche Panorama Magazine January 2024 #802 Design Notes 356 906

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Porsche Panorama January 2024

The January 2024 issue of Porsche Panorama features an exciting array of content related to Porsche cars and design. Let’s dive into the highlights:

  1. U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum: Celebrating Spirit with Style:
    • Explore the design and spirit behind the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum.
    • Discover how the actual execution of the museum creates a warm and inclusive experience.
  2. GT1 Strassenversion: Road to Track and Back:
    • Porsche needed a new race car, so they used the Porsche 993 as the starting point.
    • Learn about the transformation from a road car to a track-ready machine.
  3. 88356 Speedster Prototype: Ready for a Fight:
    • This prototype was built for racing.
    • Discover its capabilities and how it could send a driver spinning.
  4. 992 Sport Classic: Moving History Story:
    • Porsche spared no effort in creating the successor to the iconic 997 Sport Classic.
    • Explore the rich history and design elements of this special model.
  5. 906 Carrera 6: An Instant Classic:
    • Even after nearly 60 years, this race car still looks futuristic and dominant.
    • Learn about its impact on motorsport history.
  6. 3568 Carrera Abarth GTL: Powerful, Nimble, and Outstanding:
    • Dive into the world of the Carrera Abarth GTL, a car known for its power and agility.

This issue of Porsche Panorama promises a thrilling ride through Porsche’s legacy and design excellence. 🚗✨