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FANTASTIC UNIVERSE Science Fiction July 1958 Robert Silverberg – UFO report

Fantastic Universe July 1958 Cover

FANTASTIC UNIVERSE Science Fiction July 1958 which includes the first appearance of Robert Silverberg’s “Road To Nightfallan apocalyptic 1950’s shock story involving cannibalism in a 2050 New York wasteland.

Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

Very Good condition. Bright, colorful cover with minimal creasing, nice corners and edges. Tight, square, clean, no writing. Typical page tanning.

Let’s delve into the intriguing contents of the July 1958 issue of Fantastic Universe, a science fiction magazine edited by Hans Stefan Santesson:

  1. The Race for the Moon: An essay discussing the exciting race to reach the moon.
  2. Escape Ferocity: A novelette by William Campbell Gault (also known as William C. Gault).
  3. Satellites of the Future: An essay exploring the potential of future satellites.
  4. Winged Victory: A short story by Thomas Burnett Swann.
  5. The Pair: A short story by Joe L. Hensley.
  6. Next Month (Fantastic Universe, July 1958): An essay providing a glimpse of what’s coming up in the next issue.
  7. Two Suns of Morcali: A novelette by Evelyn E. Smith.
  8. Egghead: A short story by Robert Bloch.
  9. Atmosphere Explored in Polar Areas: An essay delving into atmospheric exploration.
  10. The Truth About Flying Saucers: An essay by M. K. Jessup (also known as Morris K. Jessup).
  11. The Lovely House: A short story by Michael Shaara.
  12. Introduction to Outer Space: An essay introducing the mysteries of outer space.
  13. Road to Nightfall: A novelette by Robert Silverberg.
  14. Shapes in the Sky (Fantastic Universe, July 1958): An essay by Ted BloecherIsabel L. Davis, and Alexander D. Mebane (credited as Civilian Saucer Intelligence).
  15. Problems of Space Travel: An essay addressing challenges in space travel.
  16. Children’s Hour: A short story by Wallace Edmondson (variant of The Children’s Hour).

This issue of Fantastic Universe offers a captivating blend of speculative fiction, scientific exploration, and cosmic wonder. 🚀✨1.

Fantastic Universe July 1958 Contents page

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Imaginative Tales Science Fiction May 1958 Silverberg/Swain

Imaginative Tales May 1958

Imaginative Tales Science Fiction May 1958 Robert Silverberg/Swain Cover -BERRY

Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

VG+ condition. No cover creases. Clean, no stains or writing. Bright, colorful front cover, back cover has some slight smudges, see picture. Square with nice corners, corners at spine have slight bumping, wear. See closeup pictures. Excellent collectible.

 Let’s explore the contents of the May 1958 issue of Imaginative Tales:

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    Imaginative Tales was a treasure trove of speculative fiction, where readers could immerse themselves in imaginative worlds, encounter strange phenomena, and explore the boundaries of human imagination. 🚀✨