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 1963 “GLORY ROAD” Robert A. Heinlein Magazine Fantasy and Science Fiction 

Robert A. Heinlein 1963 GLORY ROAD Magazine Fantasy and Science Fiction

Robert A. Heinlein 1963 “GLORY ROAD” in The Magazine Fantasy and Science Fiction

Part’s 1,2,3 of Heinlen’s GLORY ROAD story.  

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Buyer will receive the 3 books shown in the pictures. All cover art by EMSH.

Very Good condition. These 3 books came from a well cared for collection. 3 very nice books with beautiful, colorful front covers, nice corners, edges and spines. They appear unread. Two small chips, and one small tear, see closeup pictures. Typical page tanning. I did not notice any writing or staining. Shipped bagged and boarded.

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July 1963
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction August 1963
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction September 1963

“Glory Road” is a science fantasy novel written by American author Robert A. Heinlein. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Plot Summary:
    • The story follows E.C. “Oscar” Gordon, a retired army officer living a mundane life.
    • Oscar is approached by a beautiful woman named Star, who offers him a job as her champion in a quest to a parallel dimension known as the “Glory Road.”
    • Along with Rufo, her assistant, they embark on a swashbuckling adventure, slaying dragons and other exotic creatures.
    • Before the final quest for the Egg of the Phoenix, Oscar and Star marry.
    • The team faces illusions, optical tricks, and a fearsome foe—the legendary swordsman Cyrano de Bergerac, the guardian of the Egg.
    • Star reveals that she is the Empress of many worlds, and the Egg contains the knowledge and experiences of her predecessors.
    • Despite his newfound prestige, Oscar grows bored and feels out of place in Star’s world. He eventually returns to Earth, bringing great wealth but struggling to readjust.
  • Themes:
    • The novel explores themes of adventure, love, identity, and the quest for purpose.
  • Publication:
    • Originally serialized in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in 1963, it was later published as a standalone novel.
    • It was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1964.

“Glory Road” combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, and romance, making it a unique and memorable work by Heinlein. 🚀✨

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