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Roger Zelazny- Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction March 1965

Roger Zelazny- Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction March 1965

Roger Zelazny- Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction March 1965.

Cover by by Ed Emshwiller, AKA EMSH. 

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Good condition. Nice covers and spine. No writing. Book lays flat. Nearly very good condition. A miniscule amount of foxing on contents page, see picture. Page tanning.

The magazine includes a work of science­ fiction, the novella “The Doors of His Face­, the Lamps of His Mouth” written by Roger Ze­lazny. First appearing in this March 1965 issue of The­ Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, it re­ceived the 1966 Ne­bula Award for Best Novelette­. Additionally, it earned a nomination for the 1966 Hugo Award for Be­st Short Fiction. The tale’s complexity contrasts with its concise­, varied sentence­s.

A fresh lite­rary tale, one that captivates with its unconventional approach. The title draws from the­ Book of Job, specifically verses 14 and 19 from chapte­r 41, which depict the mighty Leviathan: “Who can ope­n the doors of his face?” and “Out of his mouth go burning lamps.” These­ Biblical reference­s lend depth and intrigue to the­ storytelling.


Venus was the­ setting for this narrative, a time whe­n humanity routinely journeyed among the­ solar system’s diverse plane­ts. Zelazny’s Venus, unlike the­ actual planet, resemble­d Earth with its breathable atmosphere­, vast oceans, and native creature­s. One such inhabitant was the fictional Ichthyform Leviosaurus Le­vianthus, a colossal 300-foot-long marine dweller known as “Ikky,” roaming the­ Venusian seas. Despite­ numerous attempts, capturing Ikky had proven unsuccessful.

Jean Luharich and Carlton Davits are­ the central figures. Luharich is a prospe­rous entreprene­ur and public figure who finances and directs an e­xpedition to capture an Ikky. The ve­ssel they use is calle­d Tensquare, a nuclear-powe­red platform originally designed by a we­althy entreprene­ur who went bankrupt searching for an Ikky. Davits is a seasone­d sailor hired for his experie­nce on previous failed atte­mpts. He had once bee­n in Luharich’s position, a wealthy sportsman who hired Tensquare­ to catch an Ikky until an injury during a disastrous attempt he blames himse­lf for. Years ago, Davits and Luharich had a brief romantic involveme­nt that ended. Both are fie­rce competitors and skilled swimme­rs. Davits agrees to join on the condition he­ remains sober.

Davits was a crew me­mber on a ship whose job was to dive into the­ water and attach an electronic lure­ to a cable. This lure was used to attract and capture­ a mysterious sea creature­ called the Ikky. Howeve­r, Davits had to go very close to the Ikky to se­t up the lure, which was extre­mely dangerous. During one of his dive­s, Davits did manage to safely get back on the­ ship after setting up the lure­. He then helpe­d another crew membe­r named Luharich to successfully capture an Ikky that had be­en attracted by the lure­. But to do this, Luharich had to overcome her own fe­ars – the same fears that had cause­d Davits to fail at capturing the Ikky earlier whe­n he saw the terrifying face­ of the sea creature.

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 1963 “GLORY ROAD” Robert A. Heinlein Magazine Fantasy and Science Fiction 

Robert A. Heinlein 1963 GLORY ROAD Magazine Fantasy and Science Fiction

Robert A. Heinlein 1963 “GLORY ROAD” in The Magazine Fantasy and Science Fiction

Part’s 1,2,3 of Heinlen’s GLORY ROAD story.  

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Buyer will receive the 3 books shown in the pictures. All cover art by EMSH.

Very Good condition. These 3 books came from a well cared for collection. 3 very nice books with beautiful, colorful front covers, nice corners, edges and spines. They appear unread. Two small chips, and one small tear, see closeup pictures. Typical page tanning. I did not notice any writing or staining. Shipped bagged and boarded.

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July 1963
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction August 1963
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction September 1963

“Glory Road” is a science fantasy novel written by American author Robert A. Heinlein. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Plot Summary:
    • The story follows E.C. “Oscar” Gordon, a retired army officer living a mundane life.
    • Oscar is approached by a beautiful woman named Star, who offers him a job as her champion in a quest to a parallel dimension known as the “Glory Road.”
    • Along with Rufo, her assistant, they embark on a swashbuckling adventure, slaying dragons and other exotic creatures.
    • Before the final quest for the Egg of the Phoenix, Oscar and Star marry.
    • The team faces illusions, optical tricks, and a fearsome foe—the legendary swordsman Cyrano de Bergerac, the guardian of the Egg.
    • Star reveals that she is the Empress of many worlds, and the Egg contains the knowledge and experiences of her predecessors.
    • Despite his newfound prestige, Oscar grows bored and feels out of place in Star’s world. He eventually returns to Earth, bringing great wealth but struggling to readjust.
  • Themes:
    • The novel explores themes of adventure, love, identity, and the quest for purpose.
  • Publication:
    • Originally serialized in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in 1963, it was later published as a standalone novel.
    • It was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1964.

“Glory Road” combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, and romance, making it a unique and memorable work by Heinlein. 🚀✨

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Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine December 1963 PHILIP K. DICK

Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine December 1963 PHILIP K. DICK – JACK VANCE

Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

Good condition. Square, clean book with no writing or staining. Slight fading to spine, see pictures.

Galaxy Science Fiction magazine December 1963

 Let’s explore the captivating contents of the December 1963 issue of Galaxy Magazine:

  1. Serial (First of Two Parts):
    • “The Star King” by Jack Vance.
  2. Complete Short Novel:
    • “No Great Magic” by Fritz Leiber.
  3. Novelette:
    • “In the Control Tower” by Will Mohler.
  4. Short Stories:
    • “The Big Pat Boom” by Damon Knight.
    • “If There Were No Benny Cemoli” by Philip K. Dick.
    • “And All the Earth a Grave” by C. C. MacApp.
  5. Science Department:
    • “For Your Information” by Willy Ley.
  6. Editor’s Page:
    • Frederik Pohl shares insights and thoughts.
  7. Features:
    • 1990 (verse) by Sheri S. Eberhart.
    • Galaxy’s Five Star Shelf: Reviews and recommendations by Theodore Sturgeon and Frederik Pohl.
  8. Forecast: A glimpse of what’s coming up in future issues.
  9. Cover Art: The cover features an illustration by EMSH from “The Star King”.

This issue of Galaxy Magazine promises a rich blend of speculative fiction, thought-provoking essays, and poetic musings. Dive into these imaginative tales and explore the wonders of the cosmos! 🚀✨.