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Simulacra, Eye in the Sky – 3 Philip K. Dick Novels

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All 3 books are square, tight, clean, no writing or staining. The Simulacra has a light surface crease from edge to edge, see picture, the crease does not travel to the inside of front cover. Otherwise, the condition of the 3 books is close to very good, I don’t like to use that term lightly. Slight edge chipping and creases. Typical page tanning. Crisp and bright books.


Let’s explore the intriguing works of Philip K. Dick:

  1. The Simulacra
    • Published in 1964, this science fiction novel portrays a future totalitarian society apparently dominated by a matriarch named Nicole Thibodeaux.
    • Themes: Realityillusionary beliefs, and touches on Nazi ideology.
    • Originally published as a novelette titled “The Novelty Act,” it was later expanded into a novel titled “First Lady of Earth” before being published as “The Simulacra”.
    • The story is set in the United States of Europe and America (USEA), formed by the merger of (West) Germany and the United States. The whole government is a fraud, and the President is a simulacrum (android).
    • Other global superpowers include the French EmpirePeople’s Republic of China, and Free (Black) Africa.
    • The novel delves into political intrigue, secrets, and the blurred lines between reality and illusion1.
  2. Eye in the Sky
  3. The World Jones Made

And so, dear reader, within these pages lie the musings of alternate realities, the shadows of totalitarian regimes, and the enigma of simulated existence. 📚🌟

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