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L. Ron Hubbard – The End Is Not Yet – August 1947

Astounding Science Fiction August 1947

August 1947 Astounding Science Fiction L. Ron Hubbard part 1 -The End Is Not Yet

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Good condition. Nice front cover with great  color and gloss. No writing in or on the book. Bump crease to front/spine area, see closeup. Small cover and page chipping, see closeups.  Page tanning but pages are still supple. Nice collectible. Shipped bagged and boarded.

 “The End Is Not Yet” is a science fiction story written by L. Ron Hubbard. Here are the details:

  • Plot Summary:
    • The story is set in a dangerous post-atomic world.
    • A conspiracy to provoke a nuclear war between superpowers is opposed by a coalition of nuclear scientists led by Charles Martel and his closest allies.
    • Among these allies are his own son and Le Chat à Faim (the Cat Is Hungry), a writer and adventurer who narrates the story.
  • Themes:
    • The story explores themes of survival, intrigue, and the consequences of nuclear conflict.
  • Author:
    • L. Ron Hubbard was a prolific author known for his contributions to science fiction and later as the founder of Dianetics and Scientology.

While this story is not as well-known as some of Hubbard’s other works, it provides an intriguing glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world and the struggle for peace. 🚀✨

L. Ron Hubbard "The End Is Not Yet"
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