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Fantastic Universe Science Fiction Magazine July 1957 Volume 8 No. 1


  • The Seal of the Damned by August Derleth (A short Cthulhu Mythos story which was later called “The Seal of R’lyeh”)
  • The Native Soil by Alan E. Nourse (A novella which was later published as a stand alone book)
  • The Machine by Robert Sheckley
  • A Candle for Katie by Lila Borison
  • Shapes in the Sky by Civilian Saucer Intelligence
  • Book of Goots by John Healy
  • Backward Turn Backward…. by Dorothy J. Edgerly
  • Landing for Midge by Lee Coney
  • Voyage Beyond the Night by John Victor Peterson
  • Song of Death by C. Bird (An early work of Harlan Ellison)
  • The Fuzzies by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach Fiddleron
  • Titan by Manly Wade Wellman

Alan E. Nourse was an American science fiction writer who was active from the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s. His novella The Native Soil, briefly works a medical concept into a story of interplanetary exploration of Venus. It was originally published in the July 1957 issue of Fantastic Universe magazine.

“After much speculation as to what sort of world might exist beneath the thick clouds of Venus, the first Earth expedition to reach the planet discovers that its terrain rather disappointingly consists almost entirely of gooey mud. Nevertheless, a pharmaceutical company finds a valuable resource buried within the mud and sets about trying to extract it.”

Fantastic Universe July 1957 Volume 8 No. 1
Fantastic Universe July 1957 Volume 8 No. 1

Also included in this issue is a story written by Harlon Ellison (writing as C. Bird) “Song of Death”

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