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Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine December 1963 PHILIP K. DICK

Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine December 1963 PHILIP K. DICK – JACK VANCE

Please utilize the pictures to determine the exact condition of the item. 

Good condition. Square, clean book with no writing or staining. Slight fading to spine, see pictures.

Galaxy Science Fiction magazine December 1963

 Let’s explore the captivating contents of the December 1963 issue of Galaxy Magazine:

  1. Serial (First of Two Parts):
    • “The Star King” by Jack Vance.
  2. Complete Short Novel:
    • “No Great Magic” by Fritz Leiber.
  3. Novelette:
    • “In the Control Tower” by Will Mohler.
  4. Short Stories:
    • “The Big Pat Boom” by Damon Knight.
    • “If There Were No Benny Cemoli” by Philip K. Dick.
    • “And All the Earth a Grave” by C. C. MacApp.
  5. Science Department:
    • “For Your Information” by Willy Ley.
  6. Editor’s Page:
    • Frederik Pohl shares insights and thoughts.
  7. Features:
    • 1990 (verse) by Sheri S. Eberhart.
    • Galaxy’s Five Star Shelf: Reviews and recommendations by Theodore Sturgeon and Frederik Pohl.
  8. Forecast: A glimpse of what’s coming up in future issues.
  9. Cover Art: The cover features an illustration by EMSH from “The Star King”.

This issue of Galaxy Magazine promises a rich blend of speculative fiction, thought-provoking essays, and poetic musings. Dive into these imaginative tales and explore the wonders of the cosmos! 🚀✨.

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