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GALAXY SCIENCE FICTION magazine January 1956 Christmas Cover Vol. 11, No. 3

Galaxy Science Fiction: January 1956

Very Good condition. Bright white covers and spine. Clean, no writing. Pages are supple. Very slight wear to top spine edge, see closeup, staples starting to show on covers. Slight page loss to front cover under the “x” in Galaxy, see closeup. Sharp corners and edges.

Shipped bagged and boarded as shown in last picture.

All Original Stories, No Reprints

  1. Brightside Crossing by Alan E. Nourse
    • A journey across the boundaries of space and time, where the unexpected awaits.
  2. The Gravity Business by James E. Gunn
    • A tale of cosmic commerce, where gravity is both currency and commodity.
  3. The Dwindling Years by Lester del Rey
    • A glimpse into a future where time unravels, leaving humanity with dwindling moments.
  4. Junior by Robert Abernathy
    • A story that defies age and explores the essence of being.
  5. The Body by Robert Sheckley
    • A mysterious encounter with an otherworldly form.
  6. The Snare by Richard R. Smith
    • A web of intrigue, where choices lead to unexpected consequences.

Science Department

  • For Your Information by Willy Ley
    • A glimpse into scientific wonders and curiosities.
  • Two-Part Serial – Conclusion: The Ties of Earth by James H. Schmitz
    • A thrilling conclusion to an interstellar saga.


  • Editor’s Page by H. L. Gold
    • Insights and musings from the editor.
  • Forecast by Floyd C. Gale
    • A glimpse into the literary weather of the science fiction world.

Galaxy’s Five-Star Shelf

  • Reviews and recommendations by literary connoisseurs.

Offering Season’s Greetings

To our readers, we extend warm wishes for the season.

And so, dear reader, within the pages of this vintage magazine lie tales that defy time and space. What other wonders await? Only the turn of a page will reveal the answers.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed this journey through the speculative realms of 1956. 🚀📖

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